Get Your Driving License Today With The Help Of DVLA

Do you always forget your vehicle’s due dates and end up paying late? Or forget when Mot of your vehicle expires? Now get all your required information of your current vehicle with the help of driver and vehicle licensing agency. This service helps you with all the issues related to transport and vehicle. This UK based agency is a government organization maintains a database all drivers in Great Britain and also a database of the vehicle all over the UK.

How This Team Helps You?

The database of DVLA held’s a record of all vehicles registration and the purpose the vehicle is used for. They identify the vehicle that has not paid their congestion charge and keep them away from central London. They even use the database to track the vehicles that have exceeded the speed limit on the road. The database of this agency stores vehicle identification number than registration plate which helps them track a vehicle down easily.

Vehicle identity check service providerby this agencyhelps identify the stolen cars with the identity of written off. This has also reduced the number of vehicle crime. This database has almost 42 million driving license holders in the UK which used for renewing theold driving license and enforcement of legislation regarding driving entitlements etc. with the help of this database you can get to know everything about a vehicle in no time.  One can call up DVLA phone number for any information regarding eligibility and process of getting a Driver’s licence.

What Are The Services Provided By The Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency?

Get Information On Your Driving License:

You can use this service to get information on the current driving license such as checking you license renew date and view your driving record. You can even use this for checking your penalty point or disqualification.

Tax On The Vehicle:

This service helps you find out the tax on your current vehicle and helps you pay tax time to time. Use the registration number of your vehicle and the make of the vehicle to get an update of your tax details of the vehicle.

Address Change Issues:

When you shit or relocate in a new area, it is crucial for you to modify the address in you driving license and other such important document. It doesn’t cost anything to change your address on your driving license but if you fail to change the address when you are relocating you have to face a fine of £1,000.

Register Your Vehicle As SORN:

Use this Statutory off Road Notification (SORN) service if you vehicle is not in use or keep you vehicle your vehicle in your garage, on a drive or on privet land. You won’t have to pay any vehicle tax with the help of this service until you tax your vehicle again.

Now you don’t need to drop by the agency every time you have an issue with your vehicle or driving license can get all this service online. The service provided by the driver and vehicle licensing agency is only valid for the vehicle in the UK.